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Ensconced within the artic fells of Finnish Lapland, on the outskirts of a remote native Sami village, lies the inimitable resort, Haltinmaa. Approaching the exclusive property, one cant help but marvel at the extraordinary amount of attention that went into creating this state-of-the-arts luxyry complex. Perfectly integrated with its milieu, both the recherché Finnish décor as well as its timeless setting ensures that nothing detracts from experiencing the unique landscape. Whether skiing through a wintery dream of pinewoods aborned in snow, or trekking across the summers mad terrain – complete with midnight sun there is little to compare with this untarnished world where herds of reindeers can still be seen drinking from crystal clear flowing rivers. As gusts from the northern sea echo between the walls of lone rocky mount like some ancient Lapp melody, one can follow the majestic aurora borealis as it dances across the sky in step to the winds timeless song. A journey to Haltinmaa i still our fastetst means of tralve to a distant galaxy.


Restaurant Haltinmaa

Lappi food served up delicious and heartly meals and also local specialities. Spring-winter end is open for the popular rich buffe our table as well as on weekends and by appoiment. Come and visit, enjoy and fall in love! The evening comes with the white lights in the fireplace and Halti Bar opens. Here you can spend a fun evening of familiar and unknown company. Time passes nicely in alla weather and languages.

Haltinmaa majoitus

Gasthaus Haltinmaa is small, clean and cosy family business just next to other services. We are open all around the year. Our accommodations are semidetached cottages 40 m² which are equipped with 2 bedrooms and livingroom, TV, iron fireplace, table and chairs, mini-kitchen / including: 2 sink, fridge, microwawe oven, coffee maker, cuterly for 6 and cooking kit, sauna, shower, WC and in vestibule bars for drying clothes.

Caravan Haltinmaa

Caravanpark 25,00 € / day.
Includes toilet, emptying place for chemical toilets and water point.

Sauna / shower 20,00 € / hour for people who are staying in caravan park.
Sauna / shower 40,00 € / hour for outsider.
Barbeque hut is for free use for people who are staying in caravan park.


Gasthaus Haltinmaa

Naalikuja 1
99490 Kilpisjärvi




+358 40 76 313 69

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